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Adobe InDesign for UX Designers

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Become familiar with the Adobe InDesign purpose and workspace
  • Add and format text
  • Create and manipulate a range of objects like rectangles, frames, circles, and more
  • Establish basic styles for typography and commonly used objects
  • Learn how to create paginated, multi-layered PDF documents

Target Audience

While targeted at user experience designers, information architects, interaction designers, and others that may use Adobe InDesign to create UX documentation, the training is appropriate for anyone – graphic designers, design technologists, product managers, project managers, you name it – that may be interested in creating documentation using Adobe InDesign.


  • Getting Started
    • About This Tutorial
    • About Adobe InDesign
    • Starting a New Document
    • Grids & Guidelines
    • Tools & Workspaces
  • Object and Color Basics
    • Creating a Rectangle
    • Colors
    • Swatches
    • Effects
    • Placing Artwork
  • Working with Text
    • Adding Text
    • Formatting Text
    • Fonts
    • Threading Text
    • Text Styles
  • Manipulating Objects
    • Circles & Rounded Rectangles
    • Grouping & Arranging
    • Selecting Objects
    • Copying & Rotating
    • Aligning & Distributing
    • Object Styles
  • Layers, Pages and Publishing
    • Layers
    • Pages
    • Masters
    • Text Variables
    • Exporting to PDF

What You Create

Over the course of 26 videos, you’ll not just be introduced to Adobe InDesign, you’ll see this real UX deliverable be created from scratch, using no template starting points:

Cover Page

Interior Page

How It Works

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