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EightShapes, LLC is a user experience design firm specialized in web sites and web applications.

Wireframes Preview

We’ve released our baseline collection of wireframe templates and libraries. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a basic “What You Get” slide and the video below:

(we recommend you view full screen)

Assets Types

We’ll provide four types of assets to get you started:

  • Templates
    This is where you start a new wireframe page, and we’ll provide a more vanilla baseline as well as one founded on the grids of the Yahoo Design Pattern library assets.
  • Elements
    There’s a ton to use here, and we’re not close to done. However, you have access to creating forms, navigation, carousels, calendar pickers, menus, buttons, and more. Some of the libraries map exactly to those found in other Yahoo Design Pattern stencils, others are from our basic sets or iPhone standards.
  • Components
    These page chunks are delivered as snippet file samples, since your page chunks are assuredly different than anyone elses. Commonly, we’ll build out component libraries with 100s of variations, but those provided here provide a nice
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    sampling of header, footer, content, and sidebar components.

  • Page Types
    We’ve provided a full-blown page type (an article page) just to demonstrate how teams standardize reusable layouts as starting points for future designs as well as inclusion in storyboard flows.

Want to Learn More?

Firstly, we’d love to hear what you want to learn the most. However, we’ll likely be providing a combination of free and premium training content online (via articles, documents, and videos) as well as face-to-face training as options in our Monthly Workshop Series. If you have a specific request or idea, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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Comments (10)

  1. Ben Judy says:


    So much easier than creating from scratch with Visio, Axure, etc. Keeping things on discrete layers is just a superpower. Something I really wish were much easier to do in Visio, Axure, etc.

    Now, to talk my team into using Adobe Creative Suite in our workflow, and upgrading to CS4…

    Nathan, thanks so much for providing this awesome library free of charge. Truly a massive contribution to the global IA community.

  2. Is there any way you can make these training videos available to download? My company (and I’m guess others) block viddler.com, youtube.com, etc.

  3. Matthew,

    Thanks for comment, and yes, we’ve found that even some of our clients have challenges viewing videos inside their own networks. At this time, EightShapes is not distributing training videos for download, but we may consider enabling download of a few introductory videos in the future.


    Nathan Curtis

  4. Abhishek Bhor says:

    Hearty thanks for making them available, as free of charge. I have spent days wondering which tool from Axure, Powerpoint-Visio and Indesign to pick from. Now I feel confident to pick Adobe suite.

  5. Heather says:

    I can’t seem to get the libraries to load in CS5. Is Unify compatible with CS5?

  6. [...] website Eightshapes preview video Quickstart prototyping with wireframes Eightshapes on Twitter June 1, 2010 [...]

  7. Yes, since the current EightShapes Unify templates (as of June 2010) are built using InDesign CS3, they should also work just fine with CS4 and CS5.

  8. [...] Eight shapes da la possibilità di scaricare il suo pacchetto unify che comprende librerie e template, da scaricare e importare nei software del pacchetto adobe, in particolare adobe in design. [...]

  9. I just wanted to say thank you. All the work you’ve put in is amazing.
    Our company has adopted this to the degree that I even purchased the “Communicating Design” book (http://communicatingdesign.com/) to perfect our process.

    Again, thank you for your hard work, you’ve got fans over at EBWAY!

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